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Public Information of the nomination Project of the 2020 Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) of Institutions of Higher Learning (Technological Progress)

备注:上表中“对本项目主要技术发明的贡献”,应具体写明完成人对本项目做出的实质性贡献并注明对应“四agk会员登录网址 - 欢迎您、主要科技创新”所列第几项科技创新;与他人合作完成的科技创新,要细致说明本人独立于合作者的具体贡献,以及支持本人贡献成立的证明材料在附件中的编号。

Note: In the above table, "contributions to the major technological inventions of the Project", the substantial contributions made by the completed person to the project shall be specified and the corresponding scientific and technological innovations listed in "iv. Major Scientific and technological Innovations" shall be indicated. For the scientific and technological innovation completed in cooperation with others, the specific contributions made by myself independently of the collaborators shall be explained in detail, as well as the number of the supporting documents in the attachment.

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